Del TerruГ±oDel TerruГ±o

You know what you want – tasty, tender young beef that has been raised in the open fields, eating only fresh grass 12 months of the year. But you know that your options are limited. Why? Simple. The weather, the terrain, the soil and the cost and realities of cattle-raising turn 100% natural grass-fed beef into a rarity.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce to you Del Terruño. The name means “from our own little corner,” and it refers to the unique traceability feature offered by our beef.

Del Terruño free-range beef is available in the USA through Holliston, MA- based Del Terruño, LLC.

To learn the history of your Del Terruño product, enter the four digit tracking number (QR Code) on the lower left corner of your package.