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The recent trends in Latin meat flavor

Here’s how to say “No” to “ Cooking Fatigue,” and “Yes” to bringing some excitement back to your dinner table.

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Pizzorno Uruguayan Wine Dinner
Lucky guests at Botanero enjoyed a delicious wine and food adventure. Francisco Pizzorno, 4th generation winemaker, and Enrique Cantua, founder of Cimarron Imports, led them through an exciting tasting of some of Pizzorno Winery's amazing wine portfolio, especially selected by Julio Ferber, Botanero’s owner, and paired with dishes from a Uruguayan-inspired six course dinner, including Stradivarius beef, prepared by Botanero’s executive chef Jaime Planas.

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Nearly nine in ten Americans consume meat as part of their diet

And most Americans don’t like to be told what to eat and what not to eat.

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QR Codes Keep Consumers Aware.

Congratulations, Canadian beef ranchers! We’re so glad our idea works for you, too.

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What’s their secret sauce?

Watching how some restaurants seem to be able to remain viable in spite of the odds against them has give us reason to believe they must rely on a “secret sauce” to flavor their dishes and capture their customers’ palate! Informal chats with “our” chefs yield some information. And it’s interesting to notice, the answers are not all the same. Some chefs have made the decision to stick to their classic menu and offer their customers the delicious dishes they have always known and loved, therefore also offering them an oasis of peace in a rather crazy world. It works for them. Others, on the contrary, have decided to go the opposite way, continuously changing their menu, adding unexpected choices, casting aside prudence. It works for them! So, what’s the moral of the story? You tell us. We think it may have to do with talent and guts.

It makes sense

As the educated American consumer is presented with more options and a much greater variety – and doesn’t have to choose between “healthy” and “delicious” – grass-fed beef that is both free range AND tender, naturally makes sense. Numbers don’t lie! Sales of grass-fed beef continue to increase.

Finding a way…

(Or many ways!) We have noticed that our Del Terruño web customers are becoming more and more adventurous, both in their choices – for example, some who would only buy a certain cut are now exploring different ones and enjoying their discoveries – and also in their cooking styles. Home chefs who had been very comfortable relying on one or two classic recipes have been trying new ones, using non-traditional spices and diverse cooking methods. We receive interesting comments, questions and pictures through our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Greg the elf makes special deliveries!
Santa has a special "beef" elf...his name is Greg, and here he is spreading beef and cheer to our special chefs. Now more than ever, everyone in the restaurant industry needs to be recognized and appreciated. We brought them each a cut of ribeye to enjoy themselves!

You asked for them - and here they are!

So, come and get them!

Actually, we mean, come and order them – two of Del Terruño’s customers’ favorite cuts are available again, 100% grass fed Tri-Tip and Petite Tender. Order now and enjoy them soon. Delicious Tri-Tip sits at the bottom of the sirloin and offers rich, natural taste. Petite Tender gets its name from its size – a smaller, very versatile cut – and its legendary tenderness.

As precious and unique as a handcrafted, priceless musical instrument.

As precious and unique as a handcrafted, priceless musical instrument…here is Stradivarius.

It’s Del Terruño’s “Black Label” version of their 100% grass fed beef. According to Del Terruño’s founders, “We choose to offer only healthy and natural beef – and we insist on it being also the most deliciously unique option for the savvy American consumer.” Tender, delicious, 100% grass fed young heifers, raised in the luscious natural prairies of Uruguay and personally hand selected, one by one, by company owners. It’s Stradivarius. And it will change forever how you think about beef.

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